Muffin Omelet with Baked Salmon



Muffin Omelet
* two whole eggs
* tomato
* one whole onion
* 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
* 1/4 cup milk
* cheddar cheese
* salt and pepper

Quick tips:
You can also modify by adding other ingredients of your choice. For my recipe, I added just a little amount of minced beef.

* pre-heat oven at 200 degrees celsius
* grease the muffin holder
* dice onion and tomato
(add any variant of meat of your choice: hotdog, bacon, ham etc will do)
* evenly transfer all sliced ingredients into the muffin holder
* one separate bowl, crack two whole eggs
* add milk, baking powder, salt and pepper, beat all at ones
* gently pour the mixture into the muffin holder
* top with grated cheddar cheese
* oven for 20-25 mins

Serve and enjoy!



Baked Salmon

* filleted Salmon
* minced garlic
* half cup melted butter
* salt and pepper

Quick tips:
(In some) frozen sections in the grocery store, chopped Salmon head and its remnants are neatly packed and sold at a cheaper cost.

* pre-heat oven at 250 degrees Celsius
* thoroughly wash salmon
* mince garlic
* melt butter
* rub an adequate amount of salt and pepper to salmon
* pour in and rub melted butter and garlic
* place salmon on a tray or on an oven safe skillet
* bake for 30 minutes

Serve and Enjoy!


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