The 3-in-1 Coffee Shop☕️

imageCoffee is the most favorite drink worldwide. Hence, they are sprouting everywhere. But only rarely is necessary for me to sit on a chair next to a glass window watching people pass by.

In a legit coffee shop scenario, you will see all walks of life. On one remote area, one sees hitting the book; while others are pretentious to engage. On a distant corner, one sees working with hidden aims. While others are just there because they are.

We can always recreate a world similar to that of. My concept of a 3-in-1 coffee shop is a makeshift stay-at-home, a deep sniff of its aroma permeating through the nostrils, to put one’s feet up listening to Bruno Mar’s “The Lazy Song.” Ahhhh the life! On top of that a literal 3-in-1 coffee is obtainable at a low cost.

P.S. all images taken are author’s property


Do you have any Coffee-Shop stories? Or do you prefer the 3-in-1 coffee shop?

Let me know on the comment section below. ⬇️



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